Terminology Guide, v1

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Terminology Guide

Today we are excited to release our terminology guide: The Cryptionary 🎊

There are a lot of terms, acronyms, memes and jargon in the world of cryptocurrencies, and it can be hard to understand what it all means. The Cryptionary is a tool meant to introduce the most important and popular terminology - along with examples - to help everyone understand the conversation.

Our definitions are a constant work in progress, and will adapt over time.


Words are defined by how they are used and understood by the community at large. We invite the community to join our Telegram and Twitter communities to let us know which terms you want added, updated, modified, examples added to, etc. Together we can build a useful resource to help everyone navigate the crypto world with confidence.

V1 Overview

  • 103 Top Crypto Terms to know
  • Link directly to any term
  • Filter terms by name and type
  • Compact and expanded views for easy browsing
  • Desktop and Mobile viewing experience


Terminology Guide