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Cryptocurrency glossary and terminology guide. Soon you too can hodl to the moon 🌕 and beyond. 💎🤲


Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) transaction visualizer. Try spotting a CashFusion, SLP Token and a million dollar+ transaction.

Wallet Finder

Wallet index with filters. Choose your next crypto wallet with ease and confidence.

Recent Articles

Simple. Wallet. Guide.

A simple introduction to understanding and using cryptocurrency wallets. Covering just the basics, simple.

Your First Wallet(s)

Setup, receive, and send crypto. The full process to start using bitcoin cash (BCH).

Wallet Finder Release

Filter, sort and research various cryptocurrency wallets, find the right one for you.

Tx Watch - Transaction Visualizer

Visualize the bitcoin and bitcoin cash blockchains to get better understanding how they work and network usage.

Hello, World

Welcome to Buy Hold Sell, a website explaining bitcoin and other crypto.

Securing Your Crypto Wallet

The basics on keeping your cryptocurrency secure and private. Not your keys, not your coins.

Wallet Feature Overview

Explaining the most common features found in wallets, and what to look out for.

Wallet Basics and Types

An introduction to what crypto wallets are, and the main different types.

Terminology Bot

Defining terms within Reddit comments. As the cryptionary improves, so does the bot.

Terminology Guide, v1

Learn all about the terminology used in the world of cryptocurrencies.