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Hello, and welcome to Buy Hodl Sell. I hope you find our website and tools valuable.
2020 is here, and we are re-launching with a new focus and commitment to building exciting products.


The cryptocurrency space is moving fast, and it's hard to keep up.

Without spending hours online every day, it can be difficult to stay informed, and even then, it's hard to know important and what's noise. The paradigm shift cryptocurrencies are bringing will have lasting effects, and there are a ton of projects working on making the best future possible. But that's not too valuable if no one knows about it.

That's where we come in. Buy Hodl Sell is a resource to highlight some of the interesting ideas, projects, and developments in the cryptocurrency world while keeping the content aimed at teaching the main ideas. With this base level of knowledge and insight, the cryptocurrency space becomes much more interesting.

We hope to one day live in a world where cryptocurrency is common, but to get there - and to avoid scams along the way - it's vital that everyone understands the basic ideas and concepts.

Our Goal In 2020

At Buy Hodl Sell we are committed to bringing you the highest quality tools and information about the world of cryptocurrencies. We will be writing articles, crafting guides and building tools to explain what makes cryptocurrencies exciting and get everyone ready to buy, hodl, and use their cryptocurrency with confidence.

For 2020 our focus will be on the following 3 cryptocurrencies and their associated ecosystem, namely Bitcoin (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
We will explore some other crypto projects, they just won't be the main focus.

Why Bitcoin (BTC)

Because Bitcoin (BTC) is the oldest, most known, controls the most hash out of the bitcoin implementations.
Every crypto user should be aware and understand Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin having the most security and investments makes it a great store of value, but its fees make small value transactions impractical.

Why Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a bitcoin implementation focusing on bringing peer-to-peer electronic cash to the world. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has an active development community that is constantly improving the ability to transact on the blockchain with anyone with speed, security, and negligible fees. In 2020 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will be bringing in many improvements to privacy (e.g. CashFusion), as well as realize interesting financial products utilizing the SLP token ecosystem.

Why Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum (ETH) is the most established blockchain for smart contracts and distributed finance products. Ethereum and the applications built with it have the potential to disrupt the financial world and bring us a whole suite of permissionless financial tools.
Ethereum is where the most advanced and cutting-edge smart contract projects are being built.

The crypto revolution is coming, be prepared for it.