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What Is Tx-Watch

Tx-Watch monitors the Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain networks and visualizes the usage in realtime.

As each new transaction is sent Tx-Watch interprets the transaction, determines it's value, the sends it zooming across the screen pleasantly. Hurray.


  • Real time Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) transaction & block visualization
  • Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash mempool and fee statistics
  • Transaction tracking and visualization by type
    • SLP tokens
    • CashShuffle
    • CashFusion
  • Transaction fee statistics

What For

Visualizers can help us understand networks and their usage in ways words and numbers alone have trouble conveying. By watching network usage over time, we can spot patterns that otherwise go unnoticed.
There are already many visualizers, but each one highlights different aspects of the blockchain, so viewing multiple visualizers can give us a better understanding of the ecosystem.

It can also just be satisfying to send a transaction, and watch it go zipping by.

Where Is The Data From?

All of the data tx-watch uses comes from free public API's.

Other Visualizers

There are other transaction visualizers out there, some may work better for you, or show information in novel ways. Try them out as well.
Here's a shortlist. Contact us about your favorite and we'll consider adding it.


Due to how utxo based blockchains work and the limitless ways it's possible to create transactions, all of the information displayed here is a best-guess and not meant for scientific use.

For more accurate and detailed information, we suggest using a block-explorer.



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