All Time High


1. | pricing

Highest historic price of a crypto asset which it has been actively traded at

2. | information

The All Time High usually refers to a price held over some amount of time. Since the price of a coin can drastically fluctuate in the short term, the all time high is usually regarded as the highest sustained price of an asset over a minimum period of multiple hours or days.

2.1 > Ex. | BCH - Coinbase day

The day Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was listed on Coinbase for trading, its value surged up to $3,715.91 USD. But during that surge there were spikes where the price reached $7,000, and even $9,000 for a few seconds. Since these spikes were anomalies on a particular exchange, they are not considered the ATH, but rather the most stable price across multiple exchanges is (~$3,000).

* All terms and definitions may change as the Cryptionary improves