1. concept

A Whale in the context of cryptocurrencies refers to an individual or entity that holds a large amount of a particular asset or coin. Their holdings are typically substantial enough to influence the market's direction, price, or both.


"If a whale decides to sell a large portion of their holdings, it could cause a significant drop in the market price due to the sudden increase in supply."

2. classifications

While the term 'whale' is commonly used, there are other classifications based on the amount of cryptocurrency held. These classifications are informal and vary between communities.


"In the Bitcoin community, someone holding 1-10 BTC might be referred to as a 'Crab', while someone with over 5,000 BTC could be called a 'Humpback'. These terms are mostly used for fun and are not universally accepted."

3. significance

Tracking whale activity can be important for traders as it can provide insights into potential market movements. However, it's important to note that not all large transactions are indicative of market trends.


"A whale moving a large amount of Bitcoin to an exchange could indicate a potential sell-off. However, it could also be for reasons unrelated to market conditions, such as securing their assets."

4. btc

In the context of Bitcoin (BTC), a person with over 1,000 BTC is generally considered to be a whale.

* All terms and definitions may update as the Cryptionary improves.