Diamond Hands

Diamond hands

1. meme

"Diamond Hands" or 💎🤲 is a term that originated from the meme-driven investing community. It metaphorically represents the absolute strongest hands; hands of the most resilient investors who are not easily swayed by market volatility.


An investor who bought Bitcoin at its peak and held onto it even during significant price drops can be said to have "Diamond Hands".

2. strategy

Having "Diamond Hands" refers to an investor who holds onto an asset beyond where most wouldn't. These investors are typically well-financed and continue holding an asset through large price swings when others would secure gains or minimize losses. This strategy is often associated with a long-term investment perspective.


During the GameStop stock surge in early 2021, many retail investors on Reddit's WallStreetBets forum claimed to have "Diamond Hands", indicating their intention to hold onto their shares despite extreme price volatility.

3. psychology

The concept of "Diamond Hands" also reflects an investor's psychological strength and risk tolerance. It's a mindset that disregards short-term losses in favor of potential long-term gains. However, it's important to note that this strategy can lead to significant losses if the asset's price does not recover.


An investor with "Diamond Hands" might hold onto a declining stock, believing in its long-term potential, while an investor with "Paper Hands" might sell the same stock to cut their losses.

4. culture

"Diamond Hands" is a significant part of meme investing culture, particularly within online communities like Reddit's WallStreetBets. It's often used to encourage collective action and discourage selling during periods of price decline.


During the cryptocurrency market downturns, the phrase "Diamond Hands" is often used in social media posts to encourage investors to hold onto their assets rather than selling them.

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