1. basic

A faucet is a method of distributing small amounts of free cryptocurrencies to a large number of users. This is often done as a promotional strategy to encourage users to try out a new coin, app, wallet, or platform.


"The XYZ project launched a faucet to distribute free tokens to users who sign up for their platform."

2. qualification

To qualify for a faucet, users may need to perform certain actions, such as making a request from a specific wallet, verifying a social media account, or completing a captcha. The specific requirements vary depending on the faucet provider.


"To receive tokens from the ABC faucet, users need to verify their Twitter account and complete a captcha."

3. value

Faucets typically distribute small amounts of an asset, often ranging in value from a few cents to a few dollars. This is to prevent abuse and ensure that the free coins can be distributed to as many users as possible.


"The DEF faucet gives out tokens worth approximately $0.50 to each user who completes the required actions."

4. purpose

The purpose of a faucet is not only to distribute free coins, but also to generate interest in a project, increase the number of active users, and encourage wider adoption of a cryptocurrency.


"By launching a faucet, the GHI project was able to attract thousands of new users and significantly increase the adoption of their token."

* All terms and definitions may update as the Cryptionary improves.