1. trading

A "dump" in trading refers to the rapid selling off of a cryptocurrency or other asset. This is often done by large holders, also known as "whales", who have the ability to influence the market price. The term generally holds a negative connotation as it can lead to a significant drop in the asset's price.


"After the news of regulatory scrutiny, there was a major dump of the cryptocurrency, leading to a sharp fall in its price."

2. strategy

A common strategy among traders is to "dump" or sell off their holdings in a particular asset when there's an abnormal increase in price. This is often done to lock in profits before the price potentially falls back down.


"Seeing the sudden surge in the price of the token, I decided to dump my holdings to secure a good profit."

3. market manipulation

The term "dump" is also associated with market manipulation tactics, such as "pump and dump" schemes. In these schemes, the price of an asset is artificially inflated (pumped), often through misleading positive publicity, to attract investors. Once the price has increased, the manipulators sell off (dump) their holdings, causing the price to fall and leading to losses for the deceived investors.


"The regulatory agency warned investors about potential pump and dump schemes in the cryptocurrency market."

* All terms and definitions may update as the Cryptionary improves.