1. strategy

Hodl refers to the strategy of holding onto a cryptocurrency for the long term, believing in its potential for significant future value. This strategy is often adopted for cryptocurrencies with high security and potential for growth.


"Despite the volatile nature of the crypto market, many Bitcoin investors choose to hodl their coins, believing in its long-term potential."

2. meme

As a meme, 'hodl' has become a rallying cry in the crypto community during market downturns, encouraging investors to resist the urge to sell and instead hold onto their assets.


"During market crashes, 'hodl' posts often flood cryptocurrency forums and social media platforms, encouraging investors to keep their faith in their investments."

3. origin

The term 'hodl' originated from a 2013 post on the Bitcoin forum Bitcointalk, where a user misspelled 'hold' while expressing their decision to keep their Bitcoin despite a market crash.


"The term 'hodl' was born from a Bitcointalk forum post titled 'I AM HODLING', where the user acknowledged their typo but decided to keep it due to its fitting representation of holding on even in tough times."

* All terms and definitions may update as the Cryptionary improves.