1. ideology

A Maximalist is an individual or entity who strongly believes in the superiority of a specific cryptocurrency and primarily invests in it. They often advocate for their preferred cryptocurrency and may dismiss or criticize others.


"Bitcoin maximalists believe that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that will succeed in the long run."

2. behavior

Maximalists often actively promote their chosen cryptocurrency, sometimes to the point of spreading misinformation about competing cryptocurrencies. While this behavior can sometimes stem from a lack of understanding, it is often driven by a strong ideological belief in their chosen cryptocurrency.


"Ethereum maximalists might spread misinformation about other smart contract platforms in an attempt to maintain Ethereum's dominance in the space."

3. investment

From an investment perspective, maximalists tend to concentrate their holdings in their chosen cryptocurrency. This approach can lead to significant gains if their chosen cryptocurrency performs well, but it also exposes them to higher risk compared to a diversified portfolio.


"A Bitcoin maximalist might have 90% or more of their crypto portfolio in Bitcoin, believing in its potential despite the risk of lack of diversification."

4. impact

The influence of maximalists can be significant, particularly in smaller, less liquid cryptocurrency markets. Their buying and selling activity can impact market prices, and their views can influence the perception of their chosen cryptocurrency in the wider community.


"The vocal support of Bitcoin maximalists has played a role in establishing Bitcoin's position as the leading cryptocurrency."

* All terms and definitions may update as the Cryptionary improves.