Fear Uncertainty Doubt

1 [concept]
Spreading negative sentiment towards the future of crypto, sometimes with reason, sometimes malicous
2 [concept]
A feeling often widespread during bear markets and crashes. Information which is negative towards cryptocurrency in general, or towards specific coins – especially when it comes to future prices – is an instance of FUD. Especially when repeated without cause.
3 [information]
The spread of FUD is often coordinated and aligned with a personal agenda. One good way to attack a project is to spread false, misleading or exaggerated news about your rivals on social media. As such, the intent of each source should always be taken into consideration.

3.1 Example

Jacob: "Blockchain technology has peaked, prices are never going to go up again and everything will go to $0"

Michelle: "Stop spreading FUD"

* All terms and definitions may change as the Cryptionary improves